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Report - Flexlands School, Chobham, Surrey – April 2017


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Flexlands School, Chobham, Surrey – April 2017

So after another little gap of about three weeks or so, I decided for a day of exploring around Hertfordshire, Surrey and over into Essex with a Non-Explore Friend; and Southside; whom I hadn’t explored with for sometime!

After checking out a few sites around; we decided to move onto this one as it had recently been done and was likely doable.

Flexlands Independent Girls School operated for 70 years before it closed its doors in 2005 and was moved to a different site.

In 2006, a section of the sitr was converted into a nursery but this was closed just a few years later. The entire site is now awaiting possible conversion/redevelopment into retirement flats.

Parts of the site are still reasonably new; the gym which was sealed opened in 1990 and another section in 1998.

The Explore
t was a nice sunny, mild day and we had no problems getting in and out of the school; though it is largely trashed and stripped of most things of merit.

This aside, we were able to get some good shots inside, and it’s the experience that counts! Upon leaving, a blue Micra pulled in behind us. Expecting an irate local, I politely responded to the elderly ladies greeting. It turned out she wasn’t local herself and was looking for a local Crematorium which is obviously sad in itself.

The floors and staircases are LETHAL in this place! Collapsing all over the shop, so it pays to watch where you put your feet.

I pointed to the direction of the city she wanted; but could be no more assistance at all.













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Sucked when I went, the gym was sealed up too, a new entrance to the main building is made all the time, the neighbour I've heard is quite adamant about keeping people out of this place, so its probably him attempting to keep it sealed


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I went here about 3 weeks ago and there were travelers living there.

They'd gained access to the gym and we asked kindly and they let us through their camp to access it.

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