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Report - - Flour Mill - Cuckney - 1853. 28/7/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Flour Mill - Cuckney - 1853. 28/7/07

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Visited with Syme.

We had gone out to have a look at a couple of National Trust places. Hardwick Hall and Stainsby Mill.
Syme asked the invidulator if there were any other mills around the area, the guy gave us a lead to this flour mill at Cuckney.

A fantastic little place, not much left really, a few stones and some kind of thrashing machine. Quite small but has 5 floors i think. I loved the place, it has so much character.
We couldn`t make it up onto the top two floors as a thrashing machine had either fallen down or been thrown down knocking the woodedn staircase out.
The floors and stairs are very bad, some dry rot and some wet rot, so we had to be rather carefull.
Id not got the tripod, so all the photos are ISO1600 hence mega grain.
The only info i can find out is that it was there in 1853 along with another mill used for cotton, this has now been converted into a school.











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