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Report - Fort Gilkicker, Gosport – March 2015


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Visited with Mookster on a last minute trip down to The South Coast on what has been the start of some beautiful days across the UK.

History borrowed and doctored from Man_Gone_Wrong’s December 2014 Report on 28days.

Fort Gilkicker is a Grade II* Listed Building and Scheduled Ancient Monumen. It is a unique piece of Victorian engineering and of great importance to the history of coastal defence in the United Kingdom.

The “Palmerstone” Fort, was commissioned in the 19th century by the Prime Minister of the time; Lord Palmerston, as a gun battery to protect the seas around Portsmouth. At the time, Portsmouth was the most important deep sea anchorage in the British Empire, from the threat of invasion.

The Fort was constructed on the site of the earlier Fort Monckton Auxiliary Battery. Construction began in 1863 and was completed by 1871. It consisted of 22 gun emplacements in a series of semi-circular granite-faced casemates designed to sweep the approaches to Portsmouth harbour with devastating gun fire.

Fort Gilkicker was laid up in 1956 when Coastal Defence was abolished. In more recent times, the Fort was earmarked for restoration into luxury apartments. Here is a quote from the developers website:

The restoration of Fort Gilkicker will transform this Victorian coastal fort on Stokes Bay into 22 stunning 3-storey luxury houses. The combination of its spectacular coastline setting, with panoramic views across the Solent to the Isle of Wight, its architectural features and historical importance, together with the quality of the homes and stylish interiors, will make Fort Gilkicker a very special place to live.

Some of the rooms were cleaned up and had electricity installed for a special Open Day in September 2012 so prospective buyers could view plans and marvel at the decaying Fort as their new home.

Developers Chesterton Humberts seem to have since shelved this idea as the sea air remains to decay the old Fort.














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