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Report - Found old glassware


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28DL Full Member
Not sure where else to post but I know there are a few tip diggers on here and I posted about some stuff I found before as seems an old tip was on our land once. I found these i found no information online apart from the one with the screw in lid W M Barnard is a glass manufaturer (duh!).

They read Hailsham Butcher with WM M Barnard & Sons on the back on the screw lid not sure what is made of it is ceramic feeling it says J.L Butcher Hailsham maybe this is bottled water but off no company comes up when i search.


The second reads this bottle is lent by T.Foord Waldron & must be returned the logo with a hand and that start cross thing you see on German army uniforms in the centre. On the bottom it says E.B & Co Ld then a number hard to make out.

If no one on here can suggest anythign is there a mroe sepcific forum or perosn who is clued up on this? I live in a house built in 1743 that used to have a water Mill here with lots of land so I find this stuff interesting. Any help much appreciated :D
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