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Report - - Freshwater redoubt, Dec 2007 | Military Sites |

Report - Freshwater redoubt, Dec 2007

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Still researching
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visited with Truffle pig, minge and mike h and Chrispy last week

pics courtosy of Truffle pig

note the fireplace well it heated a sink above so they had hot water ahhhhh


a random house or military building in the grounds


one of the many passages inside the redoubt

one of the random rooms

this goes to a tunnel its on the edge of a sheer rock face

looking back out of the tunnel

the start of the tunnel carved into the chalk

the tunnel through the chalk cliffs

a pulley at the end of the tunnel over hanging the cliff

steps down the cliff at the end of the tunnel

the gate before the steps
and in the day time the steps look like this
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Re: Freshwater redoubt

Never realised you could get into the tunnel, and i used to spend every holiday there!

Same here!! As a kid I was always like - WOW what is in there.

top pics, love the fact you had a look around in there!!!

Truffle Pig

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Re: Freshwater redoubt

It was a good night that, it was dry for a change, and it was unoccupied, usually someone is living in there, and its a cafe too, but no one had been there for a few days, judging by the bulk post in the letter box.

We may revisit in the day, as you cant see everything at night :(

(note to mods, can you edit team polskis post with the dodgey img tag please).

Oxygen Thief

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Re: Freshwater redoubt, Dec 2007 - REPORT

I just received this...

My name's Chris Dove, I'm a local Police Community Support Officer in Freshwater. Having seen the photos of Fort Redoubt above, myself and the owner were a little concerned - mostly regarding safety due to shear cliff faces etc - especially where the photos were taken in the night. Having spoken to the owner about this, he has kindly offered to let visitors to this site into the fort during the daytime by prior appointment only, for a look around, and to take photo's. If you would like to do this, please contact him directly by email at [email protected] - and arrange a day to visit. The owner also has an interesting history folder which has photos taken when the fort was in it's original condition.

I do need to point out that the fort is private, and is clearly signed as such, and that trespass is an offence. Local police will now be visiting the site regularly to check for people visiting.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] or phone 0845 045 45 45 and ask to leave a message for PCSO DOVE 13219 at Yarmouth Station.