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Report - - Froxfield Green ROC Post - Hampshire Group - 1/10/07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Froxfield Green ROC Post - Hampshire Group - 1/10/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited with HeavenlyPhoto:thumb Our first ever ROC post!!!

This one has been on the cards for ages.. On the way there.. we met the nations pot holes.. HP's suspension in his car some how lived through it.. :crazy

Subbrit have reported it here... and it being locked.. Here..

But its only locked with a T bar key.. and it now is completely hidden by 5 years of brambles.. (since last visit) So i'm not sure why Nick Catford didn't go down.:confused:

Once unlocked we pulled the hatch open.. but my hear sank.. glaring up at me was the reflection of us.. in some thick black wetness.. Not sure if there was going to be anything in there.. hp ventured down.. the mountain of brambles really doesn't help access.. As you have to be on the side the ladder is.. and swivel round.

on getting down, he found the water wasn't that deep (i had waterproof boots on but hp only trainers) but boy did i stink!.its a bit higher than your ankles.. but it differs in places.. due to stuff on the floor!

Most things seem to be there except the bed structure, the mattress is floating around on the floor, and the toilet is missing.

on with the photos!..

Up the shaft -

Coloured pencil tin -

Glitto in the cupboard -


We didn't write this.. it was already there -

You can never have enough glitto! (3 tins altogether) -

And there was quite a bit of paperwork on the desk.. but its going mouldy so is pretty hard to read..

(a very happy) Timtom :D

p.s.. sorry about image size.. im not at my house..