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Report - - Froxfield Green ROC post - Hampshire Group - 18/11/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Froxfield Green ROC post - Hampshire Group - 18/11/08

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Still researching
28DL Full Member
Just a solo visit on the way up to Dartford and I thought i would swing past a post that nobody had been in on here. Locked on a T-bar all padlocks missing. Although there was an old watch on top with no back on it. Anyone missing a watch? Very overgrown compound in a farmers field off a small single track lane. Although if you walk round the compund past the gate you find an easier way up to the post. (appologies in advance for the picture quality I was in a rush and just a point and click) Some of the pics of the hatch are missing my camera has taken a battering in the past so heres whats left.
The toilet (some seriously lovely mould growin in the dirty dirty water.

The main room. FLooded with about 10" of water I wasnt going in there its rank




Not much to see and its flooded I know some guys take off their shoes and socks but errrrr no thanks.