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Report - Fullers earthworks, march 2012


jah rastafari
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Fullers earthworks​
I decided to return back here with pirate as we both had been before but not got any good photos. It was a relaxed day and is a good wander up the silos. we saw some other people there who where doing some weird shit with pvc outfits:freak but we didn't stop for a chat

The name reflects the first use of the material. In past centuries, fullers kneaded fuller's earth and water into woollen cloth to absorb lanolin, oils, and other greasy impurities as part of the cloth finishing process. Similarly, it has been used as an ingredient in powdered, "dry" shampoos, such as the (no longer manufactured) Minipoo. Fuller's earth was also sold in pharmacies until recently for compressing pills and it is sometimes used by crane operators and their oilers to absorb grease and oil off the brake bands on the winches to make them function properly.

It also finds use in special effects when simulating explosions. Fine-grained fuller's earth makes a much larger plume than ordinary dirt, suggesting a larger explosion and allowing a smaller, safer charge to be used. In addition, it can be used to artificially age costumes, such as jackets and shirts, to make them appear older and more worn in while remaining easy to remove from the article it is applied to.















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