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Report - Fusion Nightclub - Dudley - July 2011

Death Hormone

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After keeping a eye on this place for well over a year now, Finally I found a way in, with high hopes to find lots of goodies. I was dissapointed to what i found, a stripped out empty club. Went and took a look round anyway, A few things made made it a nice vist but I had such high hopes :mad:

The club has been shut for over 8 years now. It was know back in its day for a main cause of volence around the local area. Alot of fights and drug users would be active at night at this club. I heard it used to go under a diffrent name. However History isn't my strong point, and I couldn't find much on the internet about the place. On with the pictures.

The building:

I suspect this wall had posters of upcoming events at some point

Newspaper from 1987, The arctle mentions Actor Charlie Sheen from 2 And A Half Men :smilewinkgrin:

The only real bit left that reminds us, it was a nightclub at one time:

The only real main lighting equipment left, the ladder going down that ledge there, was the DJ booth.

2 locked safes, there was also a open one with no door attached to it. pretty much the highlight of this explore:

Last but not least:

Beware of the Hardarse pigeon:

Rest can be saw here:
Urbex - Fusion Nightclub - a set on Flickr


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