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Report - Gligga Head Mine: Giant stope & middle level - Cornwall - Jul 2019


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The history
Cligga head is a well known mine in Cornwall close to Perranporth. What makes it so special is that it starts (finishes?) on a cliff face so the multiple adits / holes have a great visual impact before you even get inside. The area had been mined for hundreds of years though the main three levels I believe were worked on between 1938 to 1976. Wlframite, tin and copper have been mined there.

The explore
In June this year I took another trip to Cornwall. Staying mostly in Newquay I then took the bus to Perranporth before walking to Cligga Head. I'd previously explored the bottom (beach) level as well as most of the top. This time though after some research I found a way into the huge stope before doing the middle. With loose rock piled everywhere, recent and old collapses, false floors and massive holes this was definitely my dodgiest explore. I could have cut together a short compact video but wanted to keep as much footage as possible mainly for my own memories. If people like it I'll add the top level stuff when I have organised it. I feel I have pretty much done the mine now and would love to explore another in Cornwall though ones you can walk into are hard to track down.

The video

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