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  1. Wastelandr

    Report - Par China Clay Dries, Cornwall - March 2022

    The History Given the geology of the south west, this part of the country has given rise to numerous clay manufacturers over the past three centuries. It was found that the natural clay deposits around St. Austell were some of the largest in the world. The demand for china clay peaked in the...
  2. K

    Report - Former Basset Mining Co locations - Carn Brea, Cornwall - March 2022

    I made the most of the fantastic weather this weekend and decided to get out for my first explore of 2022, while a fairly pedestrian explore by my standards still absolutely fascinating to see the workings of the Basset family mines. First stop of the day was South Wheal Frances mine, mining...
  3. Martian

    Question - Wenford Dries

    Hi all, I’m new to urbex and very keen to start exploring! I’ve been captivated by descriptions of Wenford Dries in Cornwall, very close by to where I live! However, upon further reading, I’ve seen hints online that this place isn’t accessible anymore? I was wondering if anyone had any...
  4. Scarlet_rouge

    Report - Predannack Airfield, Cornwall, August 2020

    Predannack has, as we all know, been done to death. However, I thought I'd best chuck a few pics up as I've not done a report for a while. Obligatory Wiki copy and paste: "Predannack Airfield is routinely used for training purposes by helicopters from the Royal Navy. RNAS Culdrose is the...
  5. F

    Question - Predannack Airfield entry

    Hi all, I'm visiting Cornwall and I want to check out Predannack Airfield, does anyone know the best place to park up/ what part of the area is legal for me to go and explore in? Thanks all
  6. Ordinary-Walrus776

    Report - Tranno Farm, Breage, Cornwall - October 2020

    A early-mid 19th Century Grade II Listed Building that's located quite literally in the middle of farmland; There's no roads or lanes leading to this house - just a muddy farm track. No one has lived in this house for approx. 30 years and the last known tenants to have lived here were Samuel...
  7. K

    Report - Lavender cottage - Newquay - Sept 2020

    Described as an “exciting development opportunity” in 2013 by camel homes when it came up for sale for a price of £250,000 however while certainly exciting, I don’t think “development opportunity” best describes this place. Personally I’d personally have gone with “derelict” with “age related...
  8. K

    Report - Headland hotel - Port Isaac - Sept 2020

    Closed in 2011, the Headland Hotel in Port Governe has been left abandoned for over 9 years. Initially the owners tried to sell off the property for £2.5m however a buyer wasn’t found and it’s still just sitting there. Demolition and plans for a new hotel were approved back in 2015, but to date...
  9. Toriii

    Report - Lavender cottage Cornwall 29/07/2020

    Visited the famous lavender cottage today, Very over grown not a lot left and couldn’t get in the caravan near by. this cottage has been abandoned for over 30 years. It’s actually up for sale in 2017 for 250k and I believe it’s dropped to £235k! Still a great place to explore ps To the ladies...
  10. Nick1979

    Report - Derelict house - Mitchell - Cornwall 19/07/2020

    Stumbled across this gem in Cornwall a few weeks ago. Came back to have a better look, definitely worth it, couldn’t find out any history or so on.
  11. HRed180

    Report - Roche rock-Cornwall Chapel - July 2020

    Hello there, the other day we visited Roche Rock in Cornwall. It’s not too far from St Austell, a place full of quarries I may have to visit while I’m down here;). Anyway, Roche Rock is a chapel on top on a giant rock that became the home to a group of holy men wanting to banish demonic forces...
  12. Urben_x

    Report - Otterham, Kilkhampton, St Columb and week st Mary ROC posts - North Cornwall - 25/6/20

    Fairly new to all this, I have always been fascinated by underground bunkers of any type. So long as I can get underground I'm in to it! Anyway whilst researching bomb shelters I came across a list of ROCs. Within a couple of weeks I have investigated four posts. Kilkhampton (sealed and left...
  13. Terminal Decline

    Report - Trinity Methodist Church, Newlyn, Penzance, Cornwall - May 2019

    History The church was constructed in 1834 and enlarged in 1866, when the interior was refitted to accommodate 600 worshipers. The interior is one of the best and most complete in Cornwall, containing original box pews, oval gallery with stencil decoration and the box pulpit, incorporated into...
  14. Terminal Decline

    Report - Mackenzie King Ltd Bottle Top Factory, Newlyn, Cornwall - May 2019

    Despite being a member on this site for over a year now and with the exception of my big report on the china clay industry, I have so far failed to make any reports of the many sites I have visited in the county I have lived in for most of my life History The building first appears on the 1908...
  15. Hvdes

    Report - Wheal Trewavas Mine Buildings, Cornwall - August 2019

    This was quite a nice find that I found whilst I was looking for some of the costal pillboxes that used to line the coast of Cornwall to fend off enemy ships and planes during the war. I don't have much history to this however they are located in between Praa Sands and Porthleven and that...
  16. Midnightprowler

    Kennall Vale, Cornwall

    Hi everyone, I hope we have some Cornish People in here that can maybe answer this or even provide photos. So I just did a search on here and couldn't find anything about Kennall vale in Ponsanooth, Cornwall. For those of you that haven't heard of this place, it's an old gun powder mining...
  17. Sam the climber

    Report - Headlands Hotel - Port Isaac, Cornwall - August 2019

    History The site is a derelict 11 bedroom hotel with beautiful sea views, in the Port Gaverne area, near Port Isaac, Cornwall. The 3rd Earl Fortescue, from Devon, owned the land in the late 19th Century. It's known to have been sold again, in 1946, to a woman named Mary Edith Appleton. The...
  18. Sam the climber

    Report - RMS Mülheim shipwreck, Land's End, Cornwall - August 2019

    History The Zeus was originally flying the flag of Antigua and Barbados, when she was bought by a German shipping company and renamed RMS Mülheim in 1999. She was a 295 foot steel cargo ship, carrying plastic car parts from Ireland to Germany, when disaster struck as she rounded Land's End on...
  19. T

    Report - Cornish Shipwreck: RMS Mulheim

    The history On the 22nd of March 2003 the RMS Mulheim cargo ship ran aground in Cornwall England close to Lands End. The crew were all winched to safety and no one was seriously hurt. Most of the cargo was removed but it was not possible to save the ship. It was abandoned and a few months later...
  20. T

    Report - Gligga Head Mine: Giant stope & middle level - Cornwall - Jul 2019

    The history Cligga head is a well known mine in Cornwall close to Perranporth. What makes it so special is that it starts (finishes?) on a cliff face so the multiple adits / holes have a great visual impact before you even get inside. The area had been mined for hundreds of years though the main...