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Report - Glossop ROC Post, Derbyshire - 2nd May 2010


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
After continuing my roll of amazing culinary masterpieces, i decided to walk off my bloated feeling with a nice stroll to the local ROC Post. I've been meaning to check this out for a while. Turned out to be the quickest Urbex yet as it took about 4 minutes to walk to and as you can see, i didn't spend much time there unfortunately!

I went solo with Kiss-Love Gun blaring on my iPod. I was cautious of the farmer that owns the site as i recall as a kid him chasing us across the field with dogs and on a quad bike and i slashed my back (and school shirt!) open on barbed wire fencing escaping! I also then recalled he usually spends sunday evenings in the pub nearby. The joys of being a local!....



Hatch covered in poop to deter visitors. I ain't shoveling shit for nobody!

View over Old Glossop Cricket Club


View of Shire Hill in the background

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