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Report - - Goathland ROC Post - Yorkshire Group -19/08/2007 | ROC Posts |

Report - Goathland ROC Post - Yorkshire Group -19/08/2007

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Spoke to a very king gent who lives in a nearby cottage about what I was looking for. He kindly got his shoes on and showed me the way through the ferns and cruddy bummed sheep. He told me that the post now belongs to a chap from York who bought it at auction for pennies. He also told me of a man in the village who served in the ROC and told me to ask at the post office.

For those of you not familiar with North Yorkshire, Goathland is where the hugely disappointing 60's cop show 'Heartbeat' is filmed. So, I called in at Oscars post office and was given directions to the ex ROC officers house. Unfortunately he wasn't in so it is on my list to revisit...

The post..


The surface features...


Compulsary arty shot....


The rails used for scanning the sky for rogue Russkie death bombers...


The hatch has padlocks on but they are unlocked and it looks like a torlift key is all that is needed for a peeky poo at the insides. Over to you guys...