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Report - Grantham Underground Reservoir March2017


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28DL Full Member
Hello all!

Not particularly long since the most recent post on the water works/reservoirs but I visited today and it's a great place.

If I remember correctly, the reservoirs were built to supply the vastly expanding town of Grantham in 1850, however as soon as 1854 it was found that the volume of water supplied was insufficient. Therefore the newer sites were built to the east. (Pretty sure those dates are accurate, did some fairly thorough research a week or two back). They were also built by the same guy that handled most of the railways in the area.

On to the pictures! Only a few, but I'm quite pleased.



Thanks for looking, sorry the post doesn't offer that much new.

The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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Well done for finding this.
It's a nice little place that

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