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Report - Great Northern Railway Warehouse Part 2 (Pictures Only)


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So I recently posted a vlog of my trip to the Warehouse in Nottingham. But I didn't cover the second half seeing as I did not know of a way in. Fortunately I had a friend who did, so I went back a day later to capture these awesome pictures. I have thrown in some pictures from the bigger warehouse that is attached (What was shown on my vlog) also.

I was rather sceptical about the way in too the second half because everything was boarded up and from the outside you can really tell it is in bad shape. As I approached the entrance you now use I couldn't help but think that this exploration may end early. The hole you get through is about 1 and a half feet wide and about 2 feet long. You cannot enter if you are a big guy.
As you enter you will come to a large loading bay and a small drop where the trains used to pass through. The area inside is covered with mounds of stone and is littered with so much rubbish. Graffiti covers most walls, with some being genuine bits of urban art work. So if you love Graff then it is a place to see!
To enter the second half of the second half.. (lol) there is yet another small crawl space, this time being bigger than the previous. Once inside that half you will notice only the ground and first floor can be accessed. But tread lightly as the floor is giving way. There are holes and beams that are no longer giving support. It is a very ery place, much resembling something from a horror movie.
Enjoy the pictures.

These are from the warehouse which is easiest to get into.










And now for the warehouse which is seen in the above picture right in front of the scaffolding.










This building that was harder to get in was definitely the most dangerous I have been in yet. So if you do enter this one, please please please know the dangers of the roof and floor you are standing on collapsing.



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I would love to visit this place! took some snaps from the outside but could find a way in and to be honest, didn't fancy it on my own! anyone want a urban exploration buddy?! I cut my teeth in Pripyat and Chernobyl earlier this year and have caught the bug! :)


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Nice post! I've been here a few times but never managed to get into the smaller building at the back, any chance of some tips?