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Report - - Greaves Hall Water Tower 18/11/08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Greaves Hall Water Tower 18/11/08

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I should have danced all night
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I'd forgotten about this place until I saw the report the other day and remembered an intriguing water tower in its grounds. Realising it was only five miles away from where we were heading already, we decided to give it a bash.

We made a film too (because we're sad), it's just uploading to youuutube.

This was really stupid and dangerous and we could have killed hundreds of pigeons in the process so don't try it at home (although I doubt many people have one in their living room)

We bypassed the hospital buildings because there were loads of dogwalkers and it looked like hanging death to be honest. So here's the water tower and our convoluted way of climbing it, It's a beaut:thumb

Greaves Hall
Thomas Talbot Leyland Scarisbrick was born in 1874. He grew up in Southport and was educated in Lancashire. In 1900 he had a mansion built at Greaves Hall on a 124-acre (0.50 km2) site. There was also a porter's lodge by the main entrance, a gardener's lodge, engineer's workshop, laundry and general workshop, all built in close proximity to the hall, in mock Tudor style. The mansion was surrounded by sculptured lawns, with separate gardens filled with ornamental trees and flowering shrubs. The hall had approximately 55 rooms, open areas situated on the ground, first, second and attic floors and a vast basement.

The Scarisbrick family enjoyed life at Greaves Hall until after the First World War when he moved to Scarisbrick Hall and negotiated the sale of the estate to a consortium of Banks farmers. The mansion stood empty for sometime while the land was cultivated by the consortium.
Built in 1900, Greaves Hall suffered a major fire in July 2004 and is now beyond repair.

The mansion house and grounds were later occupied by Sherbrook School for Girls. The school was shut down when the Health Authority wanted to use the mansion house as a TB hospital and, later, to bring patients with mental health and learning disabilities from Liverpool during and after the Second World War. Greaves Hall Mental Health Hospital, included extensive developments of maintenance buildings and wards built in the former leisure grounds of the mansion house. The hospital continued to grow and develop up until the early 1990s when it was moved to Southport.

The Greaves Hall mansion has suffered many fires and vandalism since and has become beyond repair. There has been talk of the building being demolished.

The Water Tower



The Intrepids



The idea

In practice

Kitting up

Easy way out



Invisible inner leg measurement


Check out chipolata legs

"the flying eagle"


The rest of the hospital

I call this one "the dolphin"

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