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Report - Green Lodge Naturopathic Centre, Halstead - Oct 2017


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I have seen a few other people exploring this place so i decided to go and have a look myself today as i was very interested in the whole Naturopahy thing after reading up about it!
From reading other peoples posts, there doesn't seem to be that much information available about the actual buildings history itself, but I did some research myself and with information from others this is what i have.

The History

The building was a Coach house built in 1872, and from having a look through the link below, i believe that it was at some point part of the nearby Attwoods Manor as they do share land and pretty much the same address. From looking at the planning permissions below which i found it seems to have just started out as a cottage/coach house. I did also see somewhere it being referred to as Attwoods Farm as a whole.

The planning permission applications for the building date back to 1974. If you follow the link you can see how the building changed to become the Naturopathic Centre which apparently opened in 1988.
On researching i also found an article wrote about Naturopathy by the Director of Green Lodge herself dated 1998 - http://www.positivehealth.com/article/naturopathy/naturopathic-medicine

'Green Lodge, Centre for Integrated Natural Medicines which set up a complete medical infrastructure according to naturopathic principles, for a community of over 2000 people, including children, monks, nuns refugees from Tibet in the South Of India. As this project is ongoing, anyone wishing or interested to know more or help can contact me at the Centre'

Is it just me or is there something slightly off about that? Sounds weird right? People from all these different backgrounds being used in an 'ongoing project' when the flyers for this place claim it is a 'Perfect peaceful retreat'. It is basically advertised to the public as some kind of health spa to relax and unwind if you're feeling stressed and 'working too hard' a place to 'take a break for the summer'. To me that sounds like false advertisement! Considering naturopathy is a form of medical treatments for illness and disease by natural and non invasive means, not just for a few quiet relaxing day doing yoga, meditation or having a massage.

Naturopaths and naturopathic doctors have repeatedly been accused of being charlatans and practicing quackery (the promotion of fraudulent or ignorant medical practices) and over the years, many practitioners of naturopathic medicine have been found criminally liable in the courts of law around the world.
Could this be why the centre shut down suddenly with no reasoning or information as to why anywhere?

The Explore
We found a place to park up after arriving at the location which just so happened to be directly outside of the old main entrance gate, which was now completely overgrown. I saw one post saying Green Lodge closed in 2012 and another saying it had been closed for almost 20 years, from the amount of overgrowth & how much the gate was covered (it was barely noticeable as we drove past it unnoticed around 4 times) i would say it has definitely been closed and left a lot longer than 5 years.
We made our way around the gate and walked through the trees to what you could tell was the driveway to the building as the bigger trees made a clear path either side from the gate.

The first building was the stable, and next to that a building which looks like some kind of bungalow.








Unfortunately we didn't go in either of these as earlier we did notice a man by himself hanging about there for a while so we just carried on around the bungalow building after getting a few quick photos of the outside we found our self's at the main building. The building itself is so beautiful and as it appeared through the trees i was so excited to go and have a look for myself and take photos!






















After having a look round this room, i found an entrance to a corridor through a window next to the first chair pictured, we were about to go through and have a look at the rest of what the building had to offer when we heard a door shutting. Now after seeing the weird dude before, we decided maybe it was best to come back another time to finish the explore, as we left this room and were making our way back to the bungalow & stable, another weird dude, but this time REALLY smartly dressed, APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE! He asked us what we were doing, then told us that it was private property and we should leave, we asked about the building anyway he was nice enough to tell us that it was first built in the 18th century but that's all he was willing to tell us. He asked which way we came in so naturally i asked 'well what way did you come in' I just got a very blank stare and he told us it was probably best we left the way that we came, which we found rather odd. We said goodbye and started to leave, weirdly enough he started walking towards the main building. Why, we had no idea. All i could think of is he possibly came from Attwoods Carehome which is the other side of the main building of Green Lodge.

Eventually we made our way back to the car, making sure we went the way we came, as the guy so eerily told us to and that concluded our explore!

I will admit, i am hugely bummed out that we never got to go into the main building properly, as i really wanted to photograph lots of things i had seen in previous posts about Green Lodge, but hey there's always next time right?

I hope you enjoyed reading through what i have found out about Green Lodge & hope you enjoyed looking at my photos!

Till next time, TheLostGirl.
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Nice first post :)

Its not a bad place, gone down hill a bit since I did it but the main building is worth having another crack at

Also keep an eye on Attwoods if the local news is to be believed ;)


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Nice first post :)

Its not a bad place, gone down hill a bit since I did it but the main building is worth having another crack at

Also keep an eye on Attwoods if the local news is to be believed ;)
Thanks! It was actually your post i first saw a few days back that made me want to go and have a look about! & Yep! I will do ;)

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no worries

if your based in Essex there's some decent stuff around this area


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Been to this location recently, still easy access and a interesting explore

If anyone is thinking of going becareful in the big house as the nursing home next door is active and is very close!


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I went here back in the summer and its one of very few places I've explored that I have taken zero photos in, it was in that much of a sad sorry state.


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First post here! Me and the mrs stumbled across this today, which has peeked our interest in urban exploring (hence joining a forum). Its a shame to say that the main building is now blocked off but you can still get access to the smaller bungalow. I only managed to get a few photos but absolutly gutted we couldnt get access to the main house.






As i say, we managed to walk through this last doorway into the bungalow, very sad to see the whole place destroyed. Beer cans and rubbish everywhere but also smashed glass and the walls and ceiling have been apart to steal the copper pipes and the cables from the walls, real shame.

Undeterred we will move onto the next place!

Happy Exploring!

From J+G