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Report - Gripper - Manchester Jan/Jun 13


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Gripper - Manchester

Gripper was my introduction into draining well over a year ago now, and although
it's hardly the most exciting place, it's always worth a look if your passing by...

History bit

Easily stumbled upon in Platt fields, Rusholme, the drain is
Part of the Very Ancient Mickle, or Great Ditch.

Sometimes called Nico Ditch Well-known A.D.1200. Extending over Five Miles from here to Ashton Moss and Bounding Several Townships Described fully in Vol. xxiii. of Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society.

The ditch is said to have formed a defensive line against Danish or Viking raiders attacking up the Mersey. The story is that it was dug in the space of one night - quite a feat in the ninth century-as it measures at five miles, 183 yards.

Visited a couple of times, and I even managed to drag drainaphobic noodlethesis down there at one point :eek:



Easy access means Graffiti and a fair bit of drugs paraphanalia



She's a good drain to practice lighting in



a change in construction with this brick box section


Spraycrete in a few areas, and a few large cracks starting to appear


engineers plans at the gated infall


The one and only time you will ever see noodle in a drain,
also in shot, Tom Sherman

As I say worth a wander if only in passing, and before anyone asks...no I didn't bother with Aracnaphobia even if it is next door....cheers for looking :thumb

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