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Report - Harbottle ROC Post - Northumberland - Mar 09'


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Solo visit.

Post is a long walk from the road. The post is locked with 2 modern padlocks, however I FSM'd it.

Normally I open up the FSM cap, and drop a small pebble in to make sure its dry as Im lowering my mobile phone in there and I dont want to damage it.

Now I did this at Harbottle, and it went "thud" so I thought "Happy Days" and started to FSM it. Unfortunately my phone wouldnt drop enough to get it to the level I have marked out on my rope (wierd)...

So I try and wiggle my phone, nothing. I pulled my phone out and dropped another bigger pebble and this time I realise, that the thud I heard before was a matress floating on the surface of the water!! Its about half flooded!!!:freak

Lucky escape for my FSM phone!




turk ;)


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