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Report - - Harlaston ROC Post- Norfolk Group - 15-06-07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Harlaston ROC Post- Norfolk Group - 15-06-07

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As this is in my backyard I thought I'd have a look, it's in pretty good nick overall.
As well as the stuff shown in the photos there is also; a cupboard full of old cutlery, petrol canister, bottle of sodium chloride (date Jul 88), 4 chairs, two original matresses, two cushions, and abundance of loo roll, 12v battery, chemical toilet, camping beds folded away and a mirror.
For some reaon this post seemed to be deeper than most with a longer ladder. Also just outside was evidence of a demolished aircraft post.


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Old candle holder

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I don't know what this was for but it had landmarks like church spires and nearby town plotted on it, also their bearings.

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James Bond stuff, on the back was written "Probe Pipe Gasket Spare"

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