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Report - Harold Wood Hospital mortuary - Nov09


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Visited here with Courageous en-route to Marconi.

We were undecided on spending time in the rest of the hospital due to the various reports saying there was not much to be seen. Our minds were made up for us when some chaps appeared in the mortuary and politely informed us that, if we didn't clear off in the next ten miuntes, we'd get shot at as part of an airsoft tournament that was about to happen there. I guess, just sometimes, you actually benefit from getting busted by someone, somehow. Had we avoided detection, we'd have been pinned down in the middle of a battlefield!!

Anyway, just a couple of shots as this place has been well covered (by better photographers) before.....

Harold Wood Hospital mortuary - Nov 2009 - still looking good



This was new. Not on OTs report, which is the most recent I can find. It was metal throughout, with real teeth. A real surgical/pathological instrument, or not??

Incidentally, upon leaving, I put it in the cabinet on the right hand wall, to avoid it being 'disturbed' by the airsoft-ers

No '28 here, kidz

The autoclave. God knows what this washed away in its time.

Inside one of the fridges

The label on the door to the 'special' fridge. Yum!

If I'm brave, there will be at least one shot in the people shots thread from this visit as well. We'll see.


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