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Report - Harperbury Hospital July 2011


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Harperbury Hospital, Radlett, Hertfordshire

Visited with UrbanKitty

First off, heres some background on this well visited site!

Harperbury was opened in 1928 using converted WW1 airfield hangars and known as the Hangars Certified Institution. Male patients lived and worked there are assisted in the building of the main colony itself between which was completed in stages between 1931 - 1936. The 'Middlesex Colony' as it was known, was part of an ambitious plan which included the building Shenley Mental Hospital nearby (and on the same estate), although the colony was never fully completed. The name Harperbury Hospital was adopted in 1950.

The colony was designed by the Middlesex county architect, WT Curtis and anticipated becoming largely self sufficient with its own farm, gardens dept., laundry, boiler house, workshops for men and women, administrative blocks, staff housing, sports fields, a recreation hall and main stores. The villas were designed for varying grades of learining disability and some severe epileptics and were built around three loops roads which divided the site into male, female and children's departments (the last included a school block).

With the development of NHS trusts, Harperbury joined Cell Barnes and Leavesden Hospitals under Horizon NHS Trust, combining all three learning disabilities in the area within one body and facilitating their closure - of which Harperbury was the last to go. The centre of the site is now occupied by a consortium of primary care trusts housed in the administrative block, hall, stores, laundry, workshops and other buildings. New bungalows for people with learning disabilities have been built to the north part adjoining Harper Lane. The male villas, childrens villas and school remain in derelict condition.

We had the rumblies that only a hospital explore could satisfy, so we decided to try somewhere new for a change! This place didnt dissapoint, even if most of it was totally trashed. I mean, you cant beat a good padded room.......because its padded...... *cough*

Anywhooooooo, it was a beautiful day and we spent it getting filthy dirty in
dustmasks rather than down the shops buying shoes.



Firsty, a shameless 28DL advert. Because you guys are awesome.


The famous Harperbury padded cell.


Fragments of memories.





Ahhh, a nice summers day by the pool!


Where the naughty kids play.


Obligatory 'broken chair in trashed room' shot


This cuppa tea tastes like mud.....



Dont forget your maglites people.



Leaving only my New Rock footprints behind. Literally.


Not even Mr Muscle can sort this one out!

Im gonna start putting an entertaining shot in all of my reports, so heres one to start off.

Padded room half moonie.
If a security guard caught us at this point, at least we could plead insanity I guess.....

Thanks for sneaking a peek at my report!! :p


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