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Report - Harperbury Hospital, Shenley May 2014


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Hey all!

This is my second report after Harefield Limeworks. I've visited this place twice now in the last month so I thought I would combine pictures from both to make a report.

This place is half in reconstruction to a new hospital and then there's a whole set of other buildings that seem to have just be left to decay. On entering you can clearly see that work is underway and security is kinda present but is pretty lax. On our first visit we had no run ins whatsoever with security but the second time round as we approached a corner there was a gent in a high vis facing the opposite way. We weren't seen or approached seen as he didn't seem exactly on top of his game but the presence was there.

This place was first opened in 1928 and was a hospital for people with severe epilepsy learning disabilities. It was open for 61 years but by the early 1970s started to scale down and was officially considered closed in 2001 with only 200 patients. There are two separate parts to it including and section of wards which are for children and a circle of building which were more for the adults (I've only reported on the circle of building close to the entrance of the area, next visit hopefully going to get to the children's ward area if it's still there, also looking to investigate it's sister hospitals which are Napsbury and Shenley). From what I've read it was quite an advanced well respected hospital that just fell victim to the system, if your a bit more interested in this area of hospitals this was an interesting article I read: BBC News - Shenley Hospital: Life under observation . Today it's centre is still operational and being renamed to Kingsley Green. Not that it's hugely relevant but freakily when I was re-watching Utopia a few days back one of the characters Becky wants to do a study on a comic created by a 'delusional paranoid schizophrenic' that went to Shenley hospital! Now I must go to visit the sister wards! :p:
Note: what this part is I've found a little confusing as it's Shenley area but I think the hospital section is Harperbury.

There are about five or six buildings you can get into, some have larger rooms that look like more community spaces and then theres a couple with smaller separate rooms that come across more as the bedroom buildings. One building we went in on the way round (we went clockwise) has a pretty dangerous floor consisting of some quite deep holes so be careful if you do go. Apart from that the floors didn't seem to bad and in a couple we ventured to the top level.

Really surreal place as bang centre is a really well maintained football pitch just surrounded by these abandoned hospital wings. If you go in on a sunny day being inside the decaying buildings and looking out onto the calm green open is really odd!

Finally, when I went the first time there was the obligatory graffiti but second time round there was some photography art pasted up. Some of it was weird and creepy, suited the place, one big photo had been pasted up on the outside building. Also the second time round there were fresh boards up over two of the entrances we used the first time round but nothing detrimental to our visit! By the looks of things redevelopment is moving along at a steady pace so I'd go as soon as possible if you wanted to see it, definitely recommend it! Hope you enjoy the pics...




(Room with a few holes in the floor)!












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Thanks for the comments guys :) Chuffed you like the pics, gotta love a good pano! Lol!


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Nice ones :thumb Reminds me of Whittington, ie totally Fooked !

Funny how they all look the same :)

Rik UE

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I really STILL cant believe I am in Herts and haven't done this yet! Yes I know its trashed to pieces, but I think it is my duty to do this place! I blame London being 20mins away on a train as my excuse for not visiting here :)

Looks interesting still :)


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Is this still up and not demolished yet?...if so I will go and do it


A life backwards
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Nice picys. Did you have a wander around the not so trashed bits?

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gotta love a bit of harperbury, it was one of my first explores and was a total derp then.
not a bad mooch if u r local.
nice work :thumb