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Report - Hartford Mill, Oldham, October 2017


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After being a long time lurker it's finally time to get some reports up, here we go.

Hartford Mill was constructed in 1907 by the Hartford Mill Co Ltd. and was further extended at various points during the 1920s. The architect was F W Dixon and the mill housed 120,000 spindles in it's prime. The mill was closed in 1959 and used as a mail order warehouse by littlewoods until 1992.
The Visit
A solo visit one early Saturday morning, no problems at all as much of the mill seems to be wide open.
The place is trashed, a shell really. Anyway here's the photos, was having some issues with colour profiling across different monitors/programs so excuse some of the shoddy editing.


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Safety is paramount!
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Even though it's trashed, it's still a nice mill. Cheers for posting :thumb


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Hey Sebp_ loved those images, if your still wanting to get back in the mill, I'd like to go in with someone in case the floor falls through ,
I can imagine my trip alone would be like the intro to an episode of casualty

If you wanna get back in let me know, I drive past it all the time and always say am gonna go in,
I'll be taking my camera and some lights maybe.


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Careful in there lads these day's it's death on a stick and some of those floors are proper gone in places, it's suffered too many fires and much water ingress over the past few years :thumb


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That's the exact reason I wouldn't want to go in solo
There was this derelict house called manor house when I was a kid that we all used to run around in, and I fell through the floor a few times there but it was only 1 floor down, I don't fancy falling 4 or 5 floors in that mill (on my own)

Is there any other buildings derelict in oldham? They all seem to be being/been knocked down or redeveloped?

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