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Report - - Hellingly 18/11/06 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Hellingly 18/11/06

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Report from Hellingly , 18/11/06

Bit of a ridiculous start to the day, woke off with unexpected hangover, then found car had a flatty, then that my jack was busted, then greeted by attitude ridden chavskum staff at Kwik Fit Brighton - so had to walk out, off to Kwik Fit Hove - no cheap tyres :eek: Finally got bald spare tyre on and set off at 3.30pm. (Initial plan was to leave at 8.30am and hook up with Vigilante and his gang :rolleyes:)

This was my first explore of an Asylum and I think we all felt a rush of adrenalin, fear, excitement & nervousness as we started to move around the building. This eased a little once we got up to the first floor where there was more light. But I still struggled with the shakes when taking pictures :gay - must get tripod!

Three things that stood out for me most:
1. The sheer size of the place, its HUGE
2. The amount of destruction that's been inflicted on the building - seems like pretty much everything and anything has been smashed to pieces. (God knows how the chavs pulled those massive windows out of their fixings)
3. The brightly coloured walls - for some reason I always associate white paint with hospitals. But here there are vibrant greens, oranges, pinks and a million different shades of blue - I wonder whether a colour therapist was ever employed? :)

We roamed for an hour and then the light started fading so retraced our steps and hopped out the same window in came in through. Figured it must be easy to get lost in one of these buildings when the light goes, didn't want to end up roaming around that dodgy ground floor desperately searching for an open window.

Looking at the site using google earth, I reckon we covered about a fifth of the buildings and that was only on one floor. Definitely need to go back to see the rest!

Thanks to anyone and everyone who provided info via PM's and previous postings :thumb