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Report - Hellingly Hospital 90s-2000


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Nice old school pics. I love all the obs you caught in them too. Its a shame people vandalise these places. Sounds like you have alot of very fond memories of Hellingly. Seeing it from the time it was untouched to now will stay with you forever. Thanks for sharing. I will be sharing an abandoned hospital very soon. Its taken me 3 visits (2 with my kids and 1 with a mate) so far to document it. Hopefully 1 last visit and I can report on it and share it with you all.


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Corr, this almost brought a tear to my eye, nice one Monk. Great times were had wandering around this place with yourself, Jackal and Chess.
I did shoot a shot video in 2011 if anyones interested.


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Love this. I'm not familiar with this site but the fact that it sounds like it was a fun explore for all the family is great! Some decent pics, doesn't matter imo if the quality isn't the best.


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What a delightful little read. Well done that man.
You've forgotten something though:


You're welcome.
P.S have you still not hung that blackboard?


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What an absolutely fantastic set. Its rare to see copies this old nowadays and tales of good old fashioned exploring, none of this modern youtube bullshit.


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This was a nice blast from the past reading this thread :) the fun we used to have at Hellingly over the years.

@Winchester @kingrat good to see you guys are still around, has been well over 10 years at least since I last met up with either of you, hope your both still out there exploring :)

Winchester playing the clown when we was at Hellingly, always a laugh when exploring with Ali :D although you remmber when Spadge tried the gas bottles and scared the shit out of us all when it turned out was still gas in them. We should have emptyed them as wasn't long after that laundry burned down with them gas bottles inside.


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I loved Hellingly and had many a visit including one with Patch and friend where we got stopped by the police and asked if we had been in ( we obviously said no but clearly had as we were filthy!). Apparently a patient had escaped from the live part and was missing. Funnily enough while we were walking around we had the feeling of being followed and kept hearing footsteps behind us. He was found a few days later in the hospital! Close call I think! Thanks also Monk for showing us around that first time!

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