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Report - Henderson Filters, Throckley, July 2012


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Hi guys, my first site report so bear with me, pics were taken on my phone so apologies if the quality isn't up to the standards of the pro's, first pic's I've taken of this nature and first attempts at editing to! So some over/under saturated etc. I've added a few to wet your appetites and added a link to my Photobucket album for those interested in seeing more. I wasn't able to gain access to the interior of the main buildings due to them being securely boarded up, what this place needs is someone with a decent camera and a screw driver maybe ;-) This visit took place July 2012.

Anyway, the site. Details are sketchy, at present as best I can find out, the site is due to be demolished to make way for a housing development. The site was a water treatment plant and pumped water to Newcastle and surrounding area's. Has been derelict for a few years now, plenty of scope for others to explore and do a better job than me! Anyway here goes:









Just the tip of the iceberg, plenty of scope for a decent exploration, please feel free to look at my album and decide for yourselves :-)

http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e316/lotties1/NWL Henderson Filters Throckly/


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