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Report - Hesketh Park, Southport

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RAF Millom

During World War 1 aircraft produced under sub contract by nearby the Vulcan Motors were test flown and delivered from Hesketh Park, a canvas hanger was erected near the site in May 1917 with No 11 Aircraft Acceptance Park being established there in 1918, the site was later taken over by the Royal Naval Air Service who subsequently demolished the original hanger replacing it with two Bowstrung hangers, it is believed that coastal blimps were housed in them during the war.

During World War Two Hesketh Park was used by Martin Hearn Ltd at Hooton Park for Anson and Mosquito maintenance and Spitfire repair. A side opening hanger was built to assist in this work. Aircraft that had been repaired at Hearn’s Liverpool factory were brought to Hesketh Park for reassembly. No 1 Packed Aircraft Transit Pool was also established at Hesketh Park were aircraft flown in or brought in by road were dismantled and packed in cases which were then taken to the docks at Liverpool to be delivered all over the world, many of these packing cases could be seen along the roads in the Southport area awaiting collection.