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Report - J Hesketh & Son Ltd Forgings, Bury - 25/3/07



Established in 1898, John Hesketh & Son was a fourth generation family business, specialising in close tolerance forgings, which minimise the cost of any further machining.

Hesketh's produced traditionally forged parts for steam locomotives. From boiler bolts to connection rods, return cranks, pony links, brake beams and return rods.

They were suppliers to several steam locomotive societies and museums including Severn Valley Railway, Keighley & Worth Valley Railway and West Somerset Railway. They also specialised in axles, king pins, etc. for Classic Cars.

Their final accounts were filed in June 2006, however I can find bugger all info about their final closure.

This was a chance visit this afternoon which started out as a quick recce, but since I had all my gear and there was nobody around, I thought "What the hell" and in I went.

The site is currently being used to cut and store felled tree's from the surrounding land. Aside from that, the place is empty. Literally.

All the buildings have been stripped of all machinery and anything of any worth. There isn't even anything for the local scallies to trash. Well, except the gatehouse/offices, but they've already torched that. All that remains is a couple of the roof level winches and lots of pidgeon shit. Still, it got me out of the house for a bit, and sections of the site were really photogenic.










Martyn Wilson

28DL Member
28DL Member
Hello Damon, I used to be the general manager at John Heskeths, I have some photographs of the Forge when it was working I'll try to post them to your site. Martyn Wilson

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