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Report - HF4 Power Station, Charleroi, Belgium - Jan 16


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More turbonyness from Belgium. After researching a little about HF4, the blast furnace we visited in August last year we quickly realised it acutally DID have this little power station inside, even though it was suggested we look for it on the previous visit :rolleyes:.

Anyway, we took a closer look at a map and the decision was made to get up super early and head over to HF4, hoping for some impressive turbine porn. This place had some sort of steam supply from "Powerplant IM" just down the road, judging by the huge pipeline that follows from here, through half of Charleroi to the power station! So this makes for all the local controls inside. It shut a year after the blast furnace which was mothballed in 2008.

On a side note, I'm surprised none of the more local explorers had beaten us to this, considering the amount of people who have visited the blast furnace and some of the surrounding steel site. Either way this was a nice surprise and a pretty pleasing find :)
Visited with @AndyK


Turban hall

Higher view

Switch room

One of two torbonators, both were inside awful enclosures.

Diesel generator

Local controls


Cheers for looking. I'm sure you'll find more photos and info in @AndyK's report. :thumb