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Report - Highbury, Old Arsenal Ground

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
During a day out with the good lady, I decided that we should go to old Arsenal Ground, (Mecca).

Quite sad to see this wonderful building in this state however i'm led to believe that the main stand frontage will remain as it may be listed?

I was amazed at the redevelopement that has taken place but also the possibile UE oppurtunities.

No internal photos or even a proper report, however hopefully some of you high flyers will get in there.


Through the North stand gates, ain't they working hard?


The East Stand, at least theres a little Arsenal still there.




The Southern end of the East stand.


Could'nt miss this, the cranes reflected, that was Highbury. :(


Go gentle on the comments, this is my first real'ish thread, an hope that this provides some of you with an idea for a visit?

Please I can share my thoughts and photo's with you all.

Good luck


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