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Report - Arsenal Metro - Paris Sept 16


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Long time since I posted a report, but here goes.
Last September myself and Letchbo ventured to Paris to see if we could get a taste of the Abandoned Paris Metro stations. We had some info from Gabe (much appreciated) and we just had to go for it.
During the day we walked the abandoned La Petite Cienture (another report for another time) and on our first night, hit up Arsenal.
We made our way to the station and jumped the fence to get onto the platform, and sat in the darkness waiting for the last few trains to go through the station. Once it all went quiet, we went down onto the tracks to take some shots. After about an hour or so, i heard something in the distance, with Letchbo being down the other end of the station, i jumped up onto the platform with my camera gear, then heard nothing. I litrally got another few shots and i see a train heading towards us, at this point, i am shitting myself. I grab my gear and hide in the corner by the arch of the tunnel into the platform. The train puts its brakes on and caomes to a halt, the red lights from the front of the train reflecting off the wall infront of me, i hear a door opn and hear 2 french voices, i thought, thats it, we are fucked. But amazingly, they chatting for probably only afew minutes but to me felt like forever, then the train goes back on and goes back the way it came. PHEW.
That was time to pack up and GTFO. Excited to go back though, got another trip planned soon, again with Letchbo and also @Pinkman this time too

Metro by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

Up the Arsenal by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

Paris booked for early 2017, need more track by
Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

Writer's block by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

Arsenal (1 of 1) by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

Arsenal Metro (1 of 1)-2 by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

Arsenal Metro (1 of 1)-4 by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

After Hours by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


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drhowser, there was no lay up in the tunnels, just a worker train that pulled up for about 5 mins and then went back to way it came. I would love to get shots of lay ups next trip


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AHA! I know exactly what you mean, i can picture it now, and am looking on the map and can see where you mean, but we did not venture that way through the station. Nice one tho (all the photos ive seen of it the shutter has always been closed too) :(