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Report - Hollywood Lodge & Scott’s House - Surrey


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I know these locations are more shells than anything & very popular with beginners (like myself), but visited earlier & was pleasantly surprised.
Both are very easy to find- can spot it a mile away... & 10 minutes walk from each other!
Started off walking from my flat to Hollywood lodge - bumped into a group of 5 other UrBexers there. Mooched around but so much damage has been done not much to really see... saw the hidden swamp at the rear too which no one ever gives credit. Excellent spot for a private picnic!
We then walked to West Park & followed signs to Scott’s House. Again- very easy to spot as can see the boarded up windows from the pathway.
We ensured no one was around and walked round the building for a way in.
Towards the rear there was a chair conveniently left against the wall under a board. I shook the board and it came off. Someone had already taken the liberty of pulling it off- so was effectively propped up!
Once inside- very damp and mouldy, lots of builders tools & drawers/ empty filing cabinets along with the notorious old safe.
When we left, propped the board back up to leave as we found it!
Enjoy the photos!





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