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  1. kai5359


    This is my first report so please tell me if I need to change anything or should do anything different next time. The History The Fernhurst Research station was a weed killer research facility for protecting the fruit industry from weeds. The ICI Plant Protection Division was founded in 1926...
  2. Ashpope667


    Dont know much about it.
  3. Ashpope667

    Report - Dorking Ice House 2021

  4. Ashpope667

    Report - Dorking DeepDene railway control centre / surrey / June 2021

    cool little bunker its been my favourite one i have explored. History During World War 2, the Southern Railway took over the Deepdene Hotel near Dorking in Surrey for its wartime emergency headquarters. In the grounds they excavated an underground control centre taking advantage of a network...
  5. Hidinginplanesite

    Report - Merstham AAOR - Surrey - April 2021

    The explore I first tried Merstham AAOR back in 2018 but was unable to get in, after seeing new reports/post pop up on Facebook and other social media that the site was open again I didn’t waste any time on getting down to see the site I asked my dad if he could look after my little one for...
  6. theurbexcouple

    Report - Seven Pines Mansion, Virginia Waters, Aug 2020 & Jan 2021

    Explore: Me and Holly explored Seven Pines in August of 2020 and just before lockdown approached this month of January 2021 so before anyone comes down on me and my fiance for exploring during pandemic, as we didnt :D. When we went in August, it was awesome as we managed to get inside but...
  7. I

    Question - Surrey photographer

    Hi everyone, I am a photography student and am looking for an abandoned building to shoot at. I am based in caterham, surrey. Was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere accessible near by!? My theme is artificial/nature for this term, and so was looking for somewhere man made which is now over run...
  8. when_pigs_fly


    Won't go into too much detail as most of it has been said in the past After seeing reports online of it being on fire twice in the past I was sceptical that there was anything worth seeing left. One of the wings has been reduced to rubble enclosed in walls, but to my surprise most of is still...
  9. L

    im new

    so im 18 and always been into exploring derelict places around surrey too add thats where im based me and my friends i fel like have explored everywhere possible in surrey as there isnt many places im not gonna ask for places to go as it says that but can someone tell me a area not too far from...
  10. K

    General - Surrey

    Hey! Me and my friends (5 of us) have moved to Surrey from an undescloded location ;). And we have been previously doing urbex but we have no idea of any places to visit. We sadly cannot go very far due to some issues so we prefer to stay in surrey or Guildford area. If you have any cool...
  11. Justakingphotoz

    Report - ICI Plant Protection Offices - Fernhurst 2019

    Visited here twice within the space of two weeks last year. One reasonably cloudy day and one with strong sunlight. Over those two weeks activity must have been high as there were some visible changes to the building such as new graffiti, as seen with the 'lost' photo Photos taken on Pentax K20D
  12. mastermind21970

    Report - ICI Factory, Surrey- September 2020

    History: ICI Plant Protection Division is a British company founded in 1926 and developed a wide range of Paints (Crown, Delux etc) and 'Specialty chemicals'. They were a very large FTSE100 company at their peak. In 2007 the acquisition process of ICI by AkzoNobel began, eventually being bought...
  13. mastermind21970

    Weird Alarms/ SECA

    Hi guys... went to two locations in Surrey today. A well known factory & prep school. Factory has two, what looks to be sound detection alarms on the roof. Whether they work or not I don’t know. We made quite a bit of noise & went on the roof and didn’t seem to set anything off- albeit we did...
  14. Andrew32

    Report - BOC Windlesham (Kamkorp) - Chobham - August 2020

    This one might take a bit of explaining BOC (British Oxygen Corporation) specialised in the production of gases in a wide variety of industries. The manufacturing of cars (ironic), steel , electronics, glass, produce transport, food and drink, healthcare and the environment meant they had a lot...
  15. A

    Report - Godalming Golf Club

    So I'm relatively new to urbex, but I have explored a few locations around my area and know some details about history, so I thought I would start doing reports of what I know. This was the first explore I did other than a few pillboxes, but it was definitely interesting nether less. The...
  16. Tom Ellis

    Report - ICI Plant Protection Division // Fernhust Chemical Research Station- Surrey- July 2020

    This site has for sure become a regular for me. Its easy to get to, a huge site and, despite there being an active building (The Aspinal of London Headquarters) attached, there's little to no security on site during closed hours. The History The Fernhurst Research station was a weed killer...
  17. LashedLlama

    Report - Quarry Dean Firestone Mine, Merstham, Surrey - June 2020

    History: The Quarry Dean firestone mine in Merstham, Surrey, is just one of the many mines, stone quarries and underground workings that are scattered along the North Downs between East Kent and Surrey, and is also by far one of the oldest. This particular underground stone quarry dates back as...
  18. Aanteater_

    New to SW London

    Hey there! Experienced in the art of Urbex(didn’t know it had a name before) avid photographer and climber from South Africa, new to London! Looking for new spaces and places.. that’s my passion but have literally NO IFEA where to start. Thanks for having me here
  19. mastermind21970

    Report - Hollywood Lodge & Scott’s House - Surrey

    I know these locations are more shells than anything & very popular with beginners (like myself), but visited earlier & was pleasantly surprised. Both are very easy to find- can spot it a mile away... & 10 minutes walk from each other! Started off walking from my flat to Hollywood lodge - bumped...
  20. S

    Surrey first time explorer

    Hey! I've always loved the idea of exploring old abandoned places or even mines, would be great to not do it alone! I drive and I've got a GoPro, be great to document findings! Scott