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  1. LashedLlama

    Report - Quarry Dean Firestone Mine, Merstham, Surrey - June 2020

    History: The Quarry Dean firestone mine in Merstham, Surrey, is just one of the many mines, stone quarries and underground workings that are scattered along the North Downs between East Kent and Surrey, and is also by far one of the oldest. This particular underground stone quarry dates back as...
  2. Aanteater_

    New to SW London

    Hey there! Experienced in the art of Urbex(didn’t know it had a name before) avid photographer and climber from South Africa, new to London! Looking for new spaces and places.. that’s my passion but have literally NO IFEA where to start. Thanks for having me here
  3. M

    Report - Hollywood Lodge & Scott’s House - Surrey

    I know these locations are more shells than anything & very popular with beginners (like myself), but visited earlier & was pleasantly surprised. Both are very easy to find- can spot it a mile away... & 10 minutes walk from each other! Started off walking from my flat to Hollywood lodge - bumped...
  4. S

    Surrey first time explorer

    Hey! I've always loved the idea of exploring old abandoned places or even mines, would be great to not do it alone! I drive and I've got a GoPro, be great to document findings! Scott
  5. A

    New member PYESTOCK

    Hello everyone This is my first report I know it has been done a few times on here so won’t go into huge detail on this. HISTORY For over fifty years, Pyestock was host to the development and testing of gas turbine engines. From the 1950s through to the 1970s, it was the largest facility of its...
  6. RichPDG

    Report - Ravens Morrow - Virginia Water - December 2019

    Could't find much history on this one other than it's currently owned by a couple of Latvian men. As expected the tour bus was in full effect when I turned up having driven past 3 groups of 3 people in the private estate. The house is in a bad way being completely ridden with damp and a...
  7. G

    Report - Seven Pines, Surrey OCT 2019

    I know this place has been done to death, and as always I am late to the party, but I've not done this site so thought I'd check it out. Very simple access to grounds and building, although a long walk from where I parked - they have ANPR on the estates so didn't want to take the risk...
  8. G

    Report - Silverlands Orphanage, Surrey - Sept 19

    Again, this place has been done a few times, and there is plenty of history on other reports. Having seen some of the pictures on 28DL, I knew I had to visit Silverlands. Finding the place was relatively easy, but access was more difficult - getting onto the main drive was OK, but there is CCTV...
  9. G

    Report - Fonthill, Surrey - Sept 19

    First time posting a report, so apologies if I do anything wrong :p The history of this place has been reported a few times on here, so not going to repeat it. Having read various reports (and being out of work currently) I thought I'd try and find the house and see what it's like. And I wasn't...
  10. kazifzz


    Hi There I go by the name of Kazifzz. I am a 21 year old photographer and explorer from Surrey and have been interested in Urban Exploring for so long and was wondering if anyone in the Surrey or Hampshire area would be interested in going exploring around the local areas. I have also just made...
  11. jaxxx


    Hi There I go by the name of Jaxx. I am a 21 year old photographer and explorer from Surrey and have been interested in Urban Exploring for so long and was wondering if anyone in the Surrey or Hampshire area would be interested in going exploring around the local areas. I have also just made a...
  12. Chloe Explores

    Report - Alheri, Virginia Water - July 2019

    History: I can’t find any history on this location whatsoever. However I am guessing it was owned by a family with children. The bathroom has got stickers on the wall, I’m guessing they were given by a dentist going by the “clean dem teeth” written on them. Dentists tend to only give out...
  13. Chloe Explores

    Report - Pains Hill Farmhouse, Cobham - May 2019

    I sadly can’t find any history or planning permission on the house, I got given it by a good friend of mine. If anyone of you find any information, feel free to comment it! Explore: Visited with @Seany Explores & @Lewis Merrin I’m going to be real here. This was a bitch to get to. It probably...
  14. S

    Report - St Martha's Hill Farm, Guildford

    A quick mid afternoon explore to this low key, easy to access farm proved some cool photos. Perfect for beginners or nervous explores due to being on a public footpath and no difficult entry. Most of the farm barns / warehouses where all open, bar a few locked up ones. It would appear to be a...
  15. xexxa

    Report - Silverlands, Surrey, May 2019

    Short stolen history Nestled on the outskirts of the M25 in Chertsey lays a Grade II listed manor house with a potted history of uses. Originally built in the early 19th century by the Brewer Robert Porter, it was then went through multiple ownerships until it became the Actors Orphanage in...
  16. oleo.21

    Report - RAF Kenley, Officers Mess - Surrey - May 2019

    Haven't seen this posted on here in years so I thought I'd do an update on it. Kenley Aerodrome isn't abandoned and the airfield is still in use for those flying Gliders. They also have a flight sim and the Air Cadets 450 squadron is based here. The Officers Mess building is however now lying...
  17. Cariad1313

    Report - Luddington House, May 19

    Luddington House Follow my Instagram for more. History A 17th Century grade II listed property. The main house has apparently been abandoned for some years and is quite evident once inside. The former owner passed away in 2018 and the property was left to two charities in their will; Leonard...
  18. oleo.21

    Report - Fonthill - Godalming, Surrey - May 2019

    I went to this place at the very start of May on one afternoon with a friend of mine, but only just got around to doing a report! HISTORY: Richard Noble was the owner of this house, however he died in June 2008, and his house fell into this poor state. The house looks like a mix of different...
  19. Cariad1313

    Report - Bodens Ride House, March 2019

    Bodens Ride House more photographs over on my Instagram. History As other reports have mentioned, there's not much history of this place online. Seems like it was a beloved family home that was left in a hurry. Although I found some information on another thread suggesting that the owner may...
  20. SoutheasternExplorer

    Report - Tyting Farm, Guildford, Surrey

    Not much information on this place. Was just walking by (on the way to explore a gunpowder mill) and saw the security signs and boarded up windows, so of course I had to explore. The main farm house is boarded up and completely inaccessible Some of the buildings are locked, however a lot of...