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Report - Holme Bank mine - Feb 2012


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I wasn't going to put a report up as I'm down here evertime I get a new torch.

I was going to go to Praetoria but there were animals in the field and farm animals hate me with a passion, they can smell my fear and just attack me on site you might laugh about it but when you have a bull chase you across a field with pure hate in it's eyes you will know what I mean.

Holme Bank mine was worked from c.1800 up to 1960. There are extensive workings, notable for the large packwalls used to support the roof after the chert beds had been removed. The last company to operate the mine (Smiths Runners) also manufactured davie blocks for building, and continued to do so on site up to about 1995. Much of the surface plant is still on site.
This time I started at the top entrance (Home bank mine end) and worked down to the water. After sliding in I got about 15 foot in before I saw a torch and heard someone ask if it was the right place for the waterloo line :crazy Turned out to be two lads from here (sorry I forgot your names) so we mooched about for about an hour and a half.


A winch thing

Wire woolz

Wet bits

An old pic of the way out


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