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Report - Holmfirth ROC Post - Holmfirth - Nov 2010

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Headed up here on a cold snowy day, as many before me this was going to be my first explore of a ROC site.

A basic school boy error meant I was deleting the worst images from my camera to allow me to take some more. Had forgotten my SD card, but had a spare 64MB card I’d found which would allow me 28 low resolution images; I’d just been to a derelict mill so the card was nearly full.

Not much has changed since the previous reports on here, shame the kettle has gone though. There was a calling card from the previous visit, apart from that the place was empty except for a couple of bottles, in not sure what I expected to find, but it’s basically a underground concrete box and a ladder, I suppose any furniture would have to have been a self assembly flat-pack

Holmfirth ROC Post




Within the structure


The last calling card - Daz 666 - 28 days latter


Well that's it, still fairly dry inside only water was at the base of the access shaft.​


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