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Report - - Holmfirth ROC Post - Yorkshire - May 08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Holmfirth ROC Post - Yorkshire - May 08

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Was sorting out the HD and came across these pics from Holmfirth ROC Post back in May 08, no idea why I didn't post them back then, thought I would include them now for completeness, and I notice nobody has done it since back up in Yorks in a few months so hopefully will check up on this and others then.

As you can see it was a dreadful day which did not improve the photos!


A view up from the road, the Post is still connected to the telephone network by the looks of it!


Compound fencing is damaged in places and hatch held down by blocks, concrete starting to break up as well but is unsuprising as this post is situated in a pretty harsh environment...'Last of the Summer Wine country' is not all pretty cottages and men sliding down hills in baths...!


Interior - table has been pulled off the wall and wiring pulled down, although the rope has survived.


Kettle, dustpan, brush and mirror survive as relics of it's past users.


The fuel store survives in one corner of the compound with some very rusty fuel cans inside!