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Report - Home Of Vanneste, Beernem - January 2013 (Video only!)


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Hello dear people on the forum. You probably know my style by now: I don't take pictures, I only shoot movies.

In this episode I visit an abandoned terraced house somewhere in the western part of Flanders. In the house lived a man called Robert Vanneste. Robert was born on the 28th of november 1934. He worked at the local General Bank. He retired in 1999 and a few years later he left his house to go to a retirement home; where he still lives today.

At first glance the house still looks good, but inside it is a mess. In every corner there is garbage and waste. But there is also a very special atmosphere, because of the numerous personal objects that can be found. It's almost like he could come home at any moment.

I hope you can enjoy this rather long movie.
To see more detail, I do recommend watching the movie in HD and/or in full screen.


Have fun watching!

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