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Report - Horns Cross ROC Post Devonshire Group Report 01/08/09


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28DL Full Member
Horns Cross was done on our way back home! The rain was lashing down, and I chose this post! One of the hardest one's I have encountered yet!

A, 68 closure, I was not expecting much of this and I was right:(

Laying in the corner of a field, but close to the road. The post was protected by the traditional Devon/Cornish hedgerow/5, foot bank. The original entrance had long been claimed back by nature, with brambles like nails.

I scaled the bank and fell down in between the legs of the Orlit B that stands above the hedgerow, that gives excellent views out to sea:thumb

The post compound is heavily overgrown, with brambles etc. no one had been here for a long time!
When I lifted the rusting hatch I was met with several mega spider's who were a bit 'pissed off' that someone would enter there dark domain:)


Access is on Hands & Knee's through thick undergrowth, the hatch is all that is visible, the rest has been claimed back by nature.



Not much left apart from the beds & spiders:thumb



Ubiquous Up shaft shot!


Orlitt B and the infamous Devon, 5 foot hedgerow:thumb

Don't go out of your way for this one:popcorn

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