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Report - Hunter Hotel - Germany - Feb. 2020


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The history of this hotel started in 1899, at that time a brand new hotel was built next to an important road trough the mountains. After this hotel was finished it seemed to be very popular amongst the more wealthy guests. This went on until the second world war, after this the hotel closed for a while. Luckily after this period the hotel could open its doors relatively quickly, due that this part was pretty much untouched. From this time on the hotel and the area surrounding became a really popular skiing destination, so time were booming once again. In the 80s though, this changed quickly. This was due that climate change has taken its toll in this area. Which resulted on shorter periods of snow. In 1994 after the owner died, this hotel finally had to close its doors. After this period a man has taken care for this place. If you pay the man 10 euro's you'll be free to wander around the hotel for about a hour.

Hunter room by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Chapel by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Staircase by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Hunter Hotel by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Hunter Hotel by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

I also made a video where I tell the broad history of this former ski hotel:

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Always interesting to see what has been moved around in here. When I went a few years ago, for 10 Euros we got a bed for the night in the servants accommodation, some food for dinner and breakfast, and as many hours as we wanted inside the hotel. Is Giuseppe still there or someone else now?