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Report - Huntsman Tioxide, Grimsby.


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It was a typically glorious east coast sunrise, these mornings have to be seen to believed, for 2 hours we watched the sky change from blood red to deep orche, dramatising the refinery obscured skies of the north Lincolnshire coast, indeed one of these obscurities spoke to us, it recognised us from times afore, 2 noble chariotiers on the hunt for decomissioned and sexually peverse Industry. It was the chimney of the Hunstman chemical works, now in mid demolition, waiting for this moment for 2 years. So we did what we could only do and lay this beast to rest with our weapons of choice.
Its a real shame the whole atmosphere of Grimsby is ruined by the ever present smell of fish and chemicals, and you think I'm joking, everywhere you chew the smell, it would be a nice place, if you removed the towns and the smell, although the summer specials to Skegness were fun.




After giving it a quick assesment, we had dodged the majority of the cameras and snook past demolition workers winding up at the heart of the site. It stinks, but its that barable smell knowing you have something decent on your hands, almost like when you take a dump, its not a pleasant smell, but the experience as a whole is enjoyable non the less. So we trudged through the mass of kilns and driers, every step becoming more bogged down in white pigments and bright brown mud, alarmingly my Geiger counter started bleeping around the base of the chimney, people should express caution here, it is widely reported the chimney housed nuclear missiles.




Relitively it isnt a huge loss to British industrial heritage, the loss of jobs is always sad (200 in this case) but this place did nothing to promote itself, it was inefficient and polluted the skies of which Grimsby is renowned for, Huntsman, owned by an American company were also restructuring and down sizing, so the oldest plant (of 60 years) and least efficient, bit the dust, but regardless it was still interesting, and like any site of industry, it provokes photography, some might say its a cliche.




The time came to depart, our legs were failing due to the previous night of heart pounding excercise at a certain steel manufacturer, but all of the exits were covered by cameras, or a clusterfuck of demolition workers. After scurrying around our bags for hi-visability clothing, of which 90% of the time we carry, precicely for these dramas, to no avail, we stuck to the plan and exited via the main gate. It might seem silly to some but after years of storming around places as if you own them, generally it never fails, and thus is didnt. Walking down to the gate under a net of cameras, and past a couple of demolition workers, we jump over the gate. A quick nod and wave to the security guards reassured that indeed we somehow (regardless of attire) for those few seconds were unquestionable in our actions, and we were well on our way to Burger king, to watch the ensuing confusion form a distance. We must have dropped a fairly sizeable stinker that day!









I wasn't going to post a report, but purely because this is virgin, here you go! Don't expect all of the stuff in the images to be there though, Ron hull are a good at demolition and it'l soon be dust, just like the pigments and gypsum the place once manufactured. Gonna have to stop using them borders too, what d'ya think?

Link to Larey's report and story of tomfoolery not included here... http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=63961



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