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Report - - Invergordon ROC Post- Invernesshire-Jan 09 - | ROC Posts |

Report - Invergordon ROC Post- Invernesshire-Jan 09 -

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited this on Sunday with Wurzel.
After climbing up to it we saw an orlet as I got closer I saw a second one both were in fantastic condition. I was already excited about this post by this time we opened the hatch. This was a master post. Locked on T-bar it opened easily and then we realised it was flooded about 1-2 ft deep. Pump still works great though as i discovered as wurzel pumped the water over my boots ( Don't stand by the outlet pipe when someone is pumping) Would of pumped the water out but it was too much effort for a Sunday afternoon and didn't have the time to do it as we wanted to get a few more posts in. Lots of good stuff still here including the bunk beds Wurzel went in or should I say fell in much to my amusement I just hung off the ladder to take pics. Sorry if they are not the greatest of pics.

Pump still works

Not the best use for a toilet

Lovely post shame bout the water


The Orlets


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