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Report - Inverkip Power Station. February-2012


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The history can be seen here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverkip_power_station.

The Trip

Visited with Ibex, Spook and Neon Nine
This is my first post on here for a while, so please go easy!

I really do not know where to start, i have wanted to see this place for as long as i can remember.
Nothing could prepare me for what we were about to endure, that place is just a monster.

So we thought its well worth a long and endured the 4 hour journey up to Scotland, it was late
we were all tired, so we thought a McDonald's and a room for the night would do the trick!

After having a good few hours kip, we were on it, navigating our way in the dark was interesting
to say the least, access was even more interesting and defiantly not for the faint hearted.

I still cant get my head around the scale of the place it is just huge, when we entered and the lights
were on its a bizarre feeling, we mooched around and found the control room where we spend a
considerable amount of time in there, again the scale of that was big! pictures dont do the place justice!

After coming out of the control room and seeing it was daylight, we were going to work our way back to the ground
floor, but as soon as we executed that plan, we were stopped dead in our tracks as, one of the giant crane's starts
to move towards us, realizing that contractors were in the building. we lay low for the rest of the day, and we were never seen! Anyway it was eventful to say the least! so on with the photo's!

1 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

2 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

3 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

4 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

5 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

6 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr#

7 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

8 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

10 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

11 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

12 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

13 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

14 by AndiBarlow, on Flickr

Iverkip Power Station by AndiBarlow, on Flickr


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