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Report - - Inverkip Power Station - June 2012 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Inverkip Power Station - June 2012

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member

For years it was the best theme park in Scotland, offering every bit of excercise a growing boy needs, including sprinting from security guards and high-jumping the fence. It also offered a challenge in the shape of a 778ft chimney, for only the most intrepid visitor.


So after waiting for months, I finally got a chance at Inverkip Power Station. The oil-fired beast has watched over Inverclyde since 1970, but after being mothballed and falling into disuse, demolition has finally begun to make way for boring old houses which will silly figures of money and the owners will have hardly paid off their morgages before the next big development comes along and they are flattened for a car park or something.


So the power station itself is very well known around these parts, but I’m going to show you the demolition. The turbine hall is all but cleared, with smashed up coils lying around and bits of old generator strewn everywhere.

The rest however, is relitively untouched. Apart from a large gathering of dust from the demo work, the rest is still lovely and it retains the beautiful aroma of pigeon crap and the musky air.


The control room will be laid to rest with all its components still there, apart from the ones that were “salvagedâ€￾. Rows of instruction manuals on how to operate the 1900MW behemoth are still there. There is no lighting, electricity was switched off before demolition work begun.


The scale of the place is impossible to imagine. The pictures I have included here are only a fraction of this place, it's not something you can do in three hours like me, even a whole day would be pushing it.


With love.


(should add, did anybody else attempt to get in and get caught as they went over the fence? we heard shouting and secca walking around as we were about to leave, wondering if it was anyone on here)