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Report - - Inverkip Powerstation - 29/09/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Inverkip Powerstation - 29/09/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Well, what can I say? This was the furthest I have ever driven to see a place and I bloody thankful that I did. I arrived at the meeting point at 9.30 to be greeted by three fellows (Dempsey, Saxofilis and The Loon) and waited for the Scottish lot to turn up, Dazzababes on foot and Lost, Wolfism and Gorecki turning up later on. All together and with the massive chimney in sight we make our way in to be greeted by massive industry.
Immediately, like a fly drawn to those blue electrocuting things you see in bakeries, I was drawn to the nearest light source to come across a room full of stuff.
"You want to see the control room?" I hear from my left.
Too fooking right I do! So off myself and Dazza go to the control room only to find the doorways now secure apart from the central block stairwell which we soon head up, making our way to the control room. At this point my jaw dropped when the lights were turned on. How fooking mint is that!? Lights are still on and the phones still work. There are even sarnies on the table. Oh fluff. They are fresh. Soft as you like and no mould. Who's? I haven't a clue. For me though this one room was the centre piece to a great trip and after touring the rest of the powerstation such as the turbine hall and all the other bits with the massive amount of stairs and mesh flooring we ended up going back and meeting up with the others who by this point were in the control room themselves.
We then venture to the roof that offers great views of the surrounding area. Cracking views and bloody high up, though that is nothing compared to the chimney that rears up in front of us.

One thing to note is that it is really wierd being in a place that has been closed for 19 years but there is still stuff switched on and the place is completely undamaged. It makes you think twice about whether the place is still in operation.

Sorry about the delayed report, I hadn't had tome to sort through my photos until this morning.

Not as many good ones as I would have liked but here is a few.
















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