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Report - - J.N.Miller Flour, Wolverhampton 09-02-08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - J.N.Miller Flour, Wolverhampton 09-02-08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Met up with diluted to see the mill for possibly the last time(for me anyway) as it is up demo in the next few months.
You all know the history of the place, I guess, as it's been done to death. I had to go back and see as much of the site as I was happy seeing. The floors are AWFUL in places.
Had a great day, the weather was gorgeous, the Police were off covering the footy match, so we were pretty much good for the whole morning. No druggies, just lots of their "stuff".
I'm not surprised that this building is going, after seeing it inside. The wooden floors throughout are OK, but where the roof has gone, it's collapsed from top to bottom. Not good. The brick work seemed pretty good, as did most of the metal flooring and machinery. I guess it's just past repairing now. Such a shame, as it really is a cracking place!!


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