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Report - - Kangol Hat factory - Cleator Moor - Cumbria 04\08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Kangol Hat factory - Cleator Moor - Cumbria 04\08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Getting slower and slower putting these reports up! this ones 5days old, but got loads stacking up that I just can't be arsed to upload, am I loosing interest?

Kangol have always been in west cumbria aslong as I can remember, with a site in frizington (you don't go to frizington LOL) and a bigger site with offices + design teams + factory shop in cleator moor, which is this one :cool:

I remember the new factory being built and the changover, was around '98/'99 from what I remember and from the paperwork that I saw in here.

Nice relaxed little explore, litterally drive in type explore with loads of original stuff left in there. chaved in brighter eaier to get to places, but little evidense of piking :p


what it looks like from new factory car park


these offices are made from big chunks of cut sandstone, with castleations, not too fancy no carving or anything, but chunky none the less.


inside on th top floor







down in the design room, there was alsorts of stuff in here, but alas, no priceless concept vintage kangol hats :(


in design room still, one of the hat patterns?


again the state of hte upper floors, downstairs is much much better


nice corridoor, the light in here was great


lurking in one of the corners was this kangol wall stencil, bout 3ft square and there was the kangeroo logo stencilled all over the factory in various colours/sizes/places, some were just too random, like on the roof of the toilet!! (only in certain toilets aswell!)


a kangA loo :confused:


wow, food used to be cheap!! in 10yrs my wage has roughly doubled, yet the rpice of food is up 6-8x :eek: no wonder I'm getting skinny :p


loverly old lift, there was a nice makers plate in here, with suitable rust, but didn't fancy being IN the lift when it was on top floor when its been stood there 10yrs dangeling!!


a much better cond. corridoor. upstairs is light and airy thanks to lots of old skylights and larger windows, downstairs in the old building is MOSTLY vaulted wharehouse type space thats been divided up into smaller more workable rooms :) all of it solid!


looking out over the factory floor to the side of the main building.
It was just a case of moving stuff over to the new factory of roughly same size but of no stonework, just tin sheds and some double glazing rooms.
In the old factory there are LOADS of worker facilities, modern toilets, changing rooms, nice spaces in certain places,and the design + pattern crews got fancier chairs + desks etc in funky colours. kangol defo making an effort.


little evidense of piking (to the left wires missing is literaly it!) but lots of chavs playing around have made the mess. most of in the last 2yrs, as it was sealed up fairly good before that! Been empty since 98-99 I think.

Quite an enjoyable explore being a drive-thru job and no fancy climbing required :p
ANd another one off the list, although travelling to this site I added at least another TEN 10 sites!!!! :freak