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Report - Kempton Steam Pump House - Jan 2012


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I know this is not essentialy UE but i'm sure it will be of interest.

Kempton is essentialy a museum run by a small group of volunteers.
Its open every Tuesday and Thursday 11-4pm
for a small donation they will give you a guided tour of the engine.


If you are interested in steam this is about as good as it gets,one engine is running and can be seen in steam and the other is being refurbed which allows you to see in cyclinder bores and other parts.

The engines that you will see were the heart of the water treatment works at Kempton Park in Middlesex, supplying North London with drinking water, taken from the Thames.

In 1902 the company was acquired by the Metropolitan Water Board, who in 1928, completed the new engine house, including the two Worthington Simpson Triples which you see today. Two turbines and a water turbine were added in 1933. The D.C. electrical control board also survives. Each triple was of 1008 horsepower and pumped 19 million gallons per day against a 200 foot head. At 62 feet high, they are the largest built in the U.K. They ran 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Steam was provided by 6 moving-grate boilers. In 1963 the site employed 144 men, and delivered 86 million gallons per day.


In 1945 the 2’ railway which delivered the coal was scrapped. Then in 1968 the Lilleshalls were scrapped and their boiler house pulled down, and the reservoirs went out of use. In 1980 the moving grate boilers were scrapped and the Triple house “went cold and deadâ€￾. The electric pumps, housed in the Lilleshall House, now deliver 75 million gallons per day. Site staff number 14.

In 1995 the Trust was formed; by 2002 a new boiler house was built for the trust by Thames Water and the no 6 engine was running, sort of. On December 13th 2002, His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, inaugurated the museum

This place is a bitch to shoot,light coming in from everywhere and lots of glass for reflection problems.



steam turbines



oiling system


turbine with top casing removed





i highly recomend it if you are in the area....they have days in steam which i think start in March

Full set here



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