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Report - Kenton war room

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the loon

My first "official" UX report so bear with it ...all constructive comments welcome

Met up with faster4tec(F4T) today and headed out with the goal of doing the kenton war room and a couple of ROC posts.
Decided on the war room first
Drove around for half an hour or so on some soul less council estate looking to find a suitable sight to park up and scout a way in
Bloody new housing development has just about taken over the whole area so would of been far to conspicuious parking up there and also far to much activity from local residents.
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So on to the first target ROC post at Tantobie
Managed to locate the general area thanks to F4T's navigation skills parked up and headed in to the field where the ROC is situated


Not hard to find but entrance had a fair sized bundle of old wire jamed in the top but 2 minutes pulling so that shifted
Wasnt expecting much from this place as sub brit pics show it as totaly burnt out and stuffed with crap...
they wernt wrong. Its been stuffed with old fencing and just loads of old shite but is still accessible

F4T taking pics of stuff

lambrini chav's just want to have fun

Oh loook has been used as a chav love palace....

candle light ...

romantic meal for 2 ....

and dessert...

But the highlight of the ROC was these chineese menu's....

The ming quy ;) there where half a dozen or so of these scattered about the place

had a look at the old pill box just across the field ...nothing to report there but F4T got some pics of that

Then it was on to reccy spillers mill in newcastle.....
In a word. forget it.
in the 10 minutes we where there saw 2 wondering security patrols plus statonry sight security...and the place is sealed up tight :mad:

then as it was starting to get a bit darker it was back to Kenton....
Praked up and found a point of entry to the building sight that surrounds the bunker ...slipped in and worked our way across the sight to the point of entry to the bunker and we where in after a false start at our original intended entrace....

first shot of stairway down into the bunker ...


From the smell of it theres been recent activity in there as there was the smell of paint in the air and all the darker green was fresly painted

then it was down into the bunker itself
Its bloody amazing in there :thumb

The condition is almost as if its just been cleared and closed up...
Decided we would go in a clockwise direction and leave the main room till last

Random pics


(my personal favorite)

canteen menu


sewage disposal system info

obligitary toilet shot

looking into the war room
View attachment 30111

F4T doing his stuff

This place is amazingly well preserved
I couldnt beleve the size and the overall condition that everythings in
theres a couple of places that could use a little attention as they are starting to suffer but over all its in A1 condition

parting shot... paint tin being used as a door stop

well that was my first UX....


28DL Member
28DL Member
Great place, good pics. Had the chance to have a good look around a few years back. A friend was called in to fix some lighting in there after the big rain that year, so he some good access