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Report - Kidlington Grain Silo

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Went and did this explore a couple of days before turk got over there, just a lack of computer has stopped my efforts to get a report up.

Had fun trying to get in initially but when I thought "You know what bollocks to it I'll just go and ask" they let me straight in!

Its been on my list for god knows how long so it was good to finally get it done. Anyone else in the Oxford area chuck me over a PM as theres stuff begging to be done I just have no one to do it with and I'd like some company!

Anyway the pictures can do the talking from here, please forgive my royal fuck up of leaving the cam on ISO 1600...





The pictures really dont do the view the justice it deserves!


Its nice to finally get another report on here to prove im alive!

Cheers for reading.

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